Musk Teases Competition for LinkedIn

( – Billionaire Elon Musk has been very outspoken in his criticism of social media companies that engage in censoring and the adoption of so-called woke policies. Musk previously took digs at YouTube’s paid subscription and Facebook’s massive censorship campaign, so it should come as no surprise that criticism of LinkedIn was just a matter of time.

Musk first criticized the platform back in July when Twitter News Daily (now X News Daily) posted about the launch of job listings on Twitter profiles. He replied to the post, stating, “But please don’t be super cringe like LinkedIn,” adding that it was hard for him to even type the company’s name.

On August 27, Musk responded to a user who asked, “Is there anything worse than LinkedIn?” He reiterated his “cringy” comments about the platform, admitting that he asks job applicants for his companies to email their resumes instead of subjecting himself to using LinkedIn. He then hinted at a potential alternative to the platform, which he divulged would be a subsidiary of X. Back in October 2022 when Musk first acquired Twitter, he claimed that X would eventually become an app where users could do everything, including payment processing and shopping.

While Musk is busy innovating for the future, he is also battling bad actors who have tried to cause harm to Twitter since he took over. Musk reposted journalist Michael Shellenberger’s August 23 post about how certain politicians and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded by George Soros are falsely claiming that online hate speech is on the rise. Shellenberger said that they are pushing for the stifling of free speech by spreading their own misinformation, as data shows that hate speech is declining. Musk said that X would be filing lawsuits to stop those organizations from continuing their destructive pursuit that is based on lies.

Musk has long claimed that he believes America will not survive if people are not allowed to speak freely. Twitter, now X, users now enjoy not having their viewpoints throttled and accounts suspended for speech that may not align with the prescribed government narrative.

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