Michigan Imam Calls For US Muslims To Wage Jihad

(LibertySociety.com) – A radical Islamic cleric who was born in Michigan has once again called on American Muslims to wage Jihad, or holy war, against the “infidel West,” leading some to call for him to be deplatformed on social media.

Ahmad Musa Jibril, 51, was born in Dearborn, Michigan to Palestinian immigrants. He spent time in his childhood in Saudi Arabia when his father was studying at the Islamic University of Madinah before returning to the United States to finish high school. He went to college in Saudi Arabia before returning to Michigan to obtain his law degree.

In videos shared to social media, Jibril calls upon American Muslims to move away from what he describes as “American-Zionist Islam.” He called most American Muslims hypocrites, suggesting their version of Islam is watered down and “suits the enemies [of Islam]”. He describes the “infidel West,” and specifically the US, as “enemies of Muslims.” In one video, Jibril said the war between Israel and Hamas should be a “wake up call” for Muslims in the US, suggesting that they put it “back into their vocabulary.” Jibril also said that he wants American Muslims to raise their children to believe that becoming a martyr for Islam is a good thing, and those that are unwilling to do so are the “root of the problem.”

Speaking about President Biden, Jibril described the American president as a terrorist and a “senile Pharoah.” Jibril criticized Biden’s support for Israel, suggesting Biden is responsible for the “genocide in Palestine.”

Jibril’s calls for Jihad have sparked concern from many on social media, leading some to call for him to be deplatformed, as they believe his videos are incitements to violence. This is not the first time Jibril has been seen as a figure to inspire violence from Muslims, as one of the perpetrators from a deadly terrorist attack in London in 2017 that led to seven deaths had apparently been a listener to Jibril’s speeches.

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