Lawmakers Mull Action After Florida State Football Snub

( – The College Football Playoff (CFP) is facing backlash after its December 3 decision to effectively snub Florida State University (FSU) from participating in the postseason games. The spot was instead given to the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, despite the Seminoles being undefeated. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and several state lawmakers are up in arms about the decision, promising to explore legislation to address CFP’s decision-making process. The Seminoles were possibly booted from the fourth slot due to the team’s star quarterback, Jordan Travis, breaking his leg in a regular season game back in November.

According to the Associated Press, the CFP considers multiple factors when deciding which team will make the cut. Boo Corrigan, who chairs the selection committee, said that “Florida State is a different team” than they were with Travis as the quarterback. The team has been using the backup quarterback and a 3rd string in Travis’s place, continuing its undefeated record. FSU’s coach Mike Norvell expressed his anger about the decision, stating that he was “disgusted and infuriated” that a committee felt that the outcome of the games was not sufficient for determining which teams should get to play. He rhetorically asked what good it did to play regular season games if a committee ultimately hand-picked the teams for the postseason. He claimed that the team was cheated after overcoming many obstacles during the regular season.

Travis expressed his feelings about the decision in a post on X, formerly Twitter. He appeared to take responsibility for CFP not picking FSU, apologizing for breaking his leg. Alabama’s Crimson Tide’s selection will be the eighth time the team has been selected by CFP. They were victorious in the playoffs in 2020, taking home a third championship for Alabama State University. The playoffs will begin on January 1 with the Rose Bowl, with Michigan and Alabama going head-to-head. Six bowls take place in the postseason, but next year the number of games will increase to 12.

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