Joe Biden Publicly Addresses Unidentified Objects Amid Growing Pressure

Members of Congress Demand Answers About Unidentified Flying Objects

( – Over the last couple weeks, the media has been abuzz with reports about multiple unidentified flying objects being spotted and shot down across the US. However, up until February 16, the Biden administration was keeping relatively quiet about the situation, leading to criticism.

Members of Congress previously voiced their concerns over the inability or refusal of the Biden administration to provide answers about the objects that were recently shot down from above Montana and Michigan. For instance, Republican Senator Steve Daines from Montana was frustrated with only receiving a minimal amount of information. According to Fox News, Senator Daines tweeted a statement on February 12th, 2023, expressing his discontent and stating that the lack of transparency was leaving the public vulnerable to disinformation and prone to dangerous speculation.

On Thursday, February 16, President Joe Biden finally spoke up about the issue amid growing pressure from lawmakers. In his remarks, he acknowledged that the nature of the objects is still unknown, but that it isn’t believed the most recent incidents are related to the Chinese balloon. He said intelligence currently suggests the objects were connected to “private companies, recreation or research institutions.”

The air space over Montana was temporarily closed for Department of Defense activities on Saturday, February 11th, and the next day the FAA declared a National Defense Airspace over parts of Lake Michigan before they ultimately shot an object down over Lake Huron. The object over Lake Huron was flying low enough to interfere with civil aviation, according to Fox. Two representatives from the state of Michigan thanked the military for their response, but also called for transparency from the Biden administration at the time.

According to the assistant secretary for Defense for homeland defense and hemispheric affairs, Melissa Dalton, there is no certainty about the origin of these latest objects as there was with the first balloon that was shot down on February 4th, 2023, over the ocean after it crossed over South Carolina. Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, implied that these types of objects have been infiltrating our air space frequently and that the incidents revealed something that’s been “happening for years,” according to Fox News.

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