Illegals Buying Fake Green Cards From NYC Gangs

( – The massive flow of illegal migrants into the United States has sparked numerous issues across the country, including increased crime. The New York Post recently reported that illegal migrants were purchasing social security identification and fake green cards from gangs in New York City. Around 10 men were seen selling the phony cards for up to $250 during the middle of the day “at four corners along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.” The people conducting the sale and distribution of the cards are members of MS-13 and the 18th Street gang, according to a police source who spoke with the New York Post.

Although the social security cards are fake, the numbers belong to United States citizens. Department of Criminal Justice at the Citadel associate professor Roy Fenoff said that if an illegal migrant possesses these documents, they can live just like an American citizen. He said they could get jobs, travel, and access to other services. He noted that some “have other intentions, and this helps them carry out criminal activity.” Illegal migrants using fake identification can commit crimes in other people’s names, which would result in the wrong person being sought by police.

Retired NYPD Deputy Chief John Cutter said that illegal migrants who have not been fingerprinted before can be arrested multiple times without ever having a criminal record. He said that this leads to illegal migrant criminals committing serious crimes. Diego Ibarra, who is the brother of Laken Riley’s murderer Jose Ibarra, was arrested with a fake green card in his possession. He used it to get hired at the University of Georgia. He was also found to be affiliated with a dangerous Venezuelan gang. One resident said illegal migrants from other boroughs were coming to Roosevelt Avenue in Queens to get the fake identification sold by the gangs. The police source told the New York Post that it was a big source of income for the gangs.

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