GOP Senator Says He Doesn’t Think Trump Can Win

GOP Senator Claims Trump Can't Win 2024

( – One of only seven Republican United States Senators who voted to convict then-President Donald Trump during his second impeachment, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, appeared on CNN where he expressed his belief that the former President will be defeated if he is the nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election. Senator Cassidy is basing his belief on the results of the 2022 midterm elections, pointing to key swing states that were lost by Republicans who were endorsed by former President Trump.

Senator Cassidy believes that carrying those swing states will be a tough challenge for former President Trump. He seemed to have similar sentiments back in 2021 when he called for him and other Republicans to stop focusing on claims about the 2020 election. During the CNN interview, Senator Cassidy also took a jab at Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently announced his bid for the presidency, for reportedly speaking ill of Trump’s chances in the election against Biden. Senator Cassidy told CNN that Governor DeSantis only made this claim to “diss others” who have also put their names in the primary race.

Back in November 2022, shortly after the midterm elections, Senator Cassidy appeared on MSNBC, where he discussed the underwhelming results of the primaries. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd questioned his support of former President Trump and other GOP leaders, to which Senator Cassidy stated, “First, we’re not a cult. We’re not like, ‘Okay, there’s one person who leads our party.’” He also mentioned that Republicans are looking toward the future, insinuating that the 45th President was not included in that future.

For now, Trump is still dominating in many polls, far ahead of every other announced GOP candidate, including DeSantis. Time will tell if that continues to be the case now that DeSantis has announced his presidential bid. Meanwhile, another contender has officially entered the race, as Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina announced on May 22nd, 2023, that he is running.

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