Expelled Santos Resorts to Selling Personalized Videos

(LibertySociety.com) – New York Republican Representative George Santos became the first member of the House of Representatives to be expelled in more than 20 years after a bipartisan vote on December 1. While his time in Washington D.C. was certainly short-lived, he certainly made a lasting impression. HBO has already announced a movie that is based on his road to the Capitol. Santos said that he has had several offers to make a documentary about his seemingly unending scandals, but he “refused every single offer.” He said that he will undoubtedly be writing a book about his time spent in the nation’s capital.

For now, Santos has found a new way to make money by making Cameo videos for purchase. At $200 per video, Santos will send a video message of himself saying whatever the purchaser requests. Whether it be a message of criticism toward him, or something as simple as a birthday wish or holiday greetings, Santos will gladly take the payday. Another option for Cameo customers is to send a direct message to Santos for a $10 fee. Upon joining Cameo, Santos made a video discussing his expulsion. He listed several things that no one could take away from him, including his “good faith and the absolute pride” he has for the things he did while in Congress.

Santos currently has his Cameo site linked in his profile on X, formerly Twitter. According to reports, Santos made light of the expulsion in the days leading up to the vote. He said that he would eventually consider a stint on the television show “Dancing with the Stars,” which he said would be embarrassing.

Santos’s expulsion was considered many times before a majority committed to voting in favor. The final straw was the release of the report from the House Ethics Committee investigation that began after Santos was charged by the Department of Justice for crimes relating to his campaign and pandemic unemployment benefits. The report said that Santos violated federal law and used campaign funds to pay for vacations and Botox.

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