Embattled Santos Won’t Be Expelled From House

(LibertySociety.com) – In a surprising but likely strategic move, 31 Democrats sided with most Republicans and voted against expelling New York Republican Representative George Santos from the House of Representatives on November 1. Santos is currently being investigated by the House Ethics Committee and is under indictment by the Department of Justice.

A group of New York Republicans pushed the expulsion resolution, writing that Santos was “not fit to serve his constituents as United States Representative.” Most Republicans opposed the expulsion resolution, arguing that Santos, like everyone else, deserves due process. He survived the vote, with 179 voting in favor of expulsion and 213 voting against it.

New York Democratic Representative Dan Goldman blasted the New York Republicans for bringing the resolution to the floor. He claimed that the only reason they were taking a stance against him at this point was to protect their seats in the next election. Goldman noted that they previously protected Santos from being expelled back in May. His criminal trial is set to begin just two months before the 2024 general election. Santos is accused of applying for unemployment benefits during the pandemic without being eligible, repeating falsehoods to Congress, as well as lying to and stealing from donors.

Santos defended himself ahead of the vote, stating that he was “fighting tooth and nail” to clear his name. Santos compelled lawmakers to vote against the resolution or risk setting a dangerous precedent since he had not been found guilty of anything yet. Connecticut Democratic Representative Jim Himes posted on X, formerly Twitter, to explain his vote against expelling Santos. He wrote that there is no exception to a citizen of this country being presumed innocent until a court of law finds them guilty. He also noted that the Ethics Committee was still investigating potential violations. Santos has pled not guilty to the 23 charges that were brought against him.

House lawmakers also rejected a resolution to censure Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib for allegedly inciting a pro-Palestinian mob to enter the Capitol days after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. Democrats also chose to quash a resolution to censure Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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