Donald Trump: I Will Never Touch Social Security or Medicare

( – In recent weeks, the Biden campaign has ramped up its lies about former President Trump, even when they are easily refutable. On March 11, the Biden-Harris campaign page on X, formerly Twitter, deceptively edited a clip of a Trump interview on CNBC to make it appear as if he was in favor of making cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

President Biden then shared the clip to his personal X page. Just days earlier at a campaign event in New Hampshire, Biden said that he would stop anyone who attempted to cut the programs. He told the crowd that he believed Republicans would make cuts so they could slash taxes again for wealthy individuals.

The full CNBC clip showed that Trump was referring to reforming entitlements in terms of cutting out waste and preventing fraud. Users commented with the full version, blasting Biden for his blatant lies. During the interview, Trump also said that the policies of the Democrats and the Biden administration that have made America weak have also weakened Social Security. He argued that outside of the stock market, “People are going through hell.” Breitbart News conducted an exclusive interview with Trump on March 13, where he said that he would “never do anything that will jeopardize or hurt Social Security of Medicare.”

Since the outset of his campaign for a second term in the White House, Trump has repeatedly reiterated that he would never make cuts to the programs. While some Republicans may have entertained the idea in the past, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell quashed any talks of making cuts after President Biden and the Democrats ramped up their accusations in the days leading up to and during the 2023 State of the Union Address. Unlike Trump, Biden has a multi-decade record of advocating for cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and veterans benefits. As the 2024 election approaches, this line of attack will likely be used by both Parties to sway voters.

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