CEO Wants Students Who Signed Anti-Israel Letter Blacklisted

( – Following the deadliest attacks in Israel’s history, some lawmakers, media personalities, and groups from the United States have faced severe backlash after expressing negative sentiments toward the country. Various groups at Harvard University may have killed future career opportunities for members after releasing a statement in support of the Palestinians, blaming Israel for the violence.

The statement said that the “apartheid regime is the only one to blame.” It did not reveal the names of the organizations that signed the statement. Several CEOs of large corporations, including billionaire Bill Ackman, immediately called on Harvard to release the names of the members of each group that signed the statement. However, some members have denounced it and said they were unaware of its crafting.

Ackman originally said that the university needed to disclose the names because he and other CEOs did not want to “inadvertently hire any of their members.” After some expressed concern that his request was a form of harassment, Ackman doubled down on his stance. “It is not harassment to seek to understand the character of the candidates” who are applying for positions at his or the other CEOs companies. So far, at least 12 other Wall Street CEOs would like to see Harvard release the group members’ names.

Thirty-four different groups coalesced to release the joint statement under one name, called Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups. Following the release of the statement, a truck drove around the campus with a digital display of the photographs and names of people who were believed to have signed the letter. A counterstatement was also released by 17 groups, 3,000 Harvard students, and over 500 members of the staff and faculty. The statement blasted the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups for their statement, but other faculty members were concerned about Harvard’s half-hearted response to the anti-Israel criticism. The university’s president released a statement that condemned the attacks by Hamas but also defended the free speech of the students.

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