AOC’s District Described As ‘Third World Market’

( – Far-left radical progressive lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., had nothing to say after videos showing the depravity in three neighborhoods in her district went viral. Her office failed to respond to Fox News’s request for comment as online critics likened the footage to a Third World country. In what used to be a vibrant area in northwestern Queens, the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Corona have turned into flea markets for unlicensed vendors. The streets are also full of trash and filth.

The main strip on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens has been nicknamed “the market of sweethearts” due to the massive amount of prostitution that takes place at every corner. Local gangs also sell fake green cards to illegal migrants on Roosevelt, according to recent reporting from the New York Post. Fox News snapped photos of prostitutes soliciting men on the streets, with residents telling the outlet that clients are often taken to makeshift brothels for lewd activities. Prostitution is illegal in New York, but nothing is done to stop the prostitutes from selling themselves on the streets around the clock. Frías said that the prostitutes dress scantily at all hours of the day, adding that their clothing would be more revealing in the coming months during warmer weather.

The outlet also captured video of the outdoor flea markets lining every sidewalk, with most operated by people who have either stolen items from stores or bins meant for donations, according to a resident named Ramses Frías. He was once a Democrat but is now running for state assembly as a Republican. One seller operating out of the trunk of a car had boxes piled up over a crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to walk around. Frías told Fox News, “There are no repercussions; they get a free pass,” referring to the unlicensed vendors. While the area the outlet visited sits on the edge of AOC’s district, most of it is represented by other radical progressives, including Democratic Rep. Grace Meng.

The neighborhood has a large migrant population, but some are there illegally. They run the illegal street vendor operations for income since they do not have work authorizations, according to residents. The NYPD conducted raids in January on six establishments believed to be facilitating prostitution, but no one was arrested or charged with any crimes. Some of the prostitution houses were padlocked, but none of the landlords were fined.

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