30,000 Pounds of Food Recalled for Metal Shards

(LibertySociety.com) – Poultry giant Tyson Foods voluntarily recalled its “frozen fun nuggets” on November 7, announcing that some consumers have reported finding metal shards in the kid-friendly nuggets. The recall affects around 30,000 pounds of the fully cooked, dinosaur-shaped nuggets. Tyson released the product codes and expiration dates to look for. Consumers were also instructed to call an 800 number, cut out the Universal Product Code (UPC) and date code on the packaging, and then discard the product. The 29-ounce packages were shipped to distributors in nine states, according to an announcement from Food Safety and Inspection Service officials at the United States Department of Agriculture.

The recall was categorized as a Class I recall, because of potential “serious, adverse health consequences or death.” Zero Hedge reported on the matter and encouraged parents to question how metal could end up inside the chicken nuggets. The outlet encouraged Americans to buy from local farmers instead. Another questionable meat concern was raised, with Zero Hedge linking a report about the way processed meats are produced in the United States. A viral TikTok video showed the so-called pink slime that is rumored to be included in the processing of sliced ham.

While unrelated to the recall, chicken prices overall have fallen in recent months. Shares of Tyson fell on November 13 after reporting less sales than expected. However, profits were higher than expected. Chief Financial Officer John Tyson said that rising costs would affect profits in the first half of 2024 but expects a bounce back in the second half. He added that the market could be volatile due to inflation and increasing interest rates. The stock spent most of the day in the red, with many investors selling in the afternoon hours. Tyson stock has been declining for four months, but investors are still earning 37 cents per share owned. The company recently came under fire for closing four facilities this year. Tyson announced during the first week of November that it plans to close two more before year’s end.

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