Trump’s Truth Social Response To DeSantis Causes a Stir

Trump Issues Puzzling Truth Social Response To DeSantis

( – Former President Donald Trump has a history of cryptic social media posts, often leaving users and media outlets confused and wondering what his intentions are. His response to the presidential campaign launch of Governor Ron DeSantis caused a stir among some people, with several DeSantis supporters expressing their disgust with his comment. Shortly after DeSantis’ glitch-ridden Twitter announcement, the 45th President posted a cryptic message on Truth Social, calling DeSantis by the name Rob instead of Ron, stating “My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not!”

The former President added another tidbit about North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, alluding to a previous conversation with him about a big red button and adding that Un is “soon to become my friend.” DeSantis supporters wasted no time sharing his post, comparing it to the discussions during DeSantis’ Twitter conversation with Elon Musk. Trump has not offered a further explanation as to what his message meant, but it certainly sparked conversation on social media, with one social media user calling him “bonkers,” according to Fox News. Meanwhile, someone else quipped that Trump would be the right candidate for anyone looking for “idiocracy and entertainment.” On the same day, Trump shared various thoughts about DeSantis, along with user-created videos poking fun at the technical difficulties the DeSantis campaign experienced during the launch.

Trump began his attacks on Governor DeSantis back in 2022, with many initially wondering why he was going after him in the first place since he had been very supportive of the Trump administration. However, shortly after the criticism began, insiders who are close to the former President claimed that Governor DeSantis was strategizing with establishment politicians and advisers, including Paul Ryan and Karl Rove.

Governor DeSantis ignored most of the criticism, but Political Action Committees (PACs)in support of him began issuing responses to the former President. However, since his campaign announcement, DeSantis has taken a few jabs here and there. For now, polls indicate Governor DeSantis has a lot of ground to cover if he aims to beat the 45th President in the primary election.

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