Trump Set to Challenge Judge Merchan with Lawsuit Over Gag Order

( – Former President Trump sued New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan after a relationship between his daughter and radical Trump-hater California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff was revealed. Merchan is the presiding judge in the “hush-money” trial that is set to begin on April 15.

The justice’s daughter, Loren Merchan, is the president of Authentic Campaigns, which executes digital campaigns for Democrats. A quote from Schiff is featured on the company’s website, along with several other notable Democrats. However, Schiff’s unique obsession and endless lies about Trump prompted the former president and his attorneys to call the relationship into question.

Additionally, Loren Merchan’s now-deactivated LinkedIn account showed that then-candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were clients of Authentic Campaigns. Loren Merchan deactivated her account after the Gateway Pundit revealed her work history. After the connections were made public, Trump blasted out a scathing response on Truth Social. He argued that the case should have been transferred to Staten Island so that he would get a fair trial. He wrote that “THE HIGHLY PARTISAN JUDGE & HIS FAMILY ARE WELL KNOWN TRUMP HATERS,” and pointed out that “HIS DAUGHTER WORKED FOR ‘KAMALA’ & NOW THE BIDEN-HARRIS CAMPAIGN.

Merchan then expanded his gag order to prevent Trump from talking about his family ahead of the trial. Trump’s lawsuit aims to stay the gag order, which his attorneys argue violates his First Amendment rights. The appeals court will hear the challenge but rejected his effort to delay the start of the trial in an April 9 ruling. Trump’s legal team filed another appeal on the case, citing Merchan’s refusal to recuse himself. Additionally, the new appeal is related to Merchan declining to hear a presidential immunity argument from Trump. His attorneys previously asked Merchan to remove the trial from the calendar until the United States Supreme Court decided on whether he was immune from prosecution. That case is not scheduled to be heard until April 25, which is 10 days after the start of the New York trial.

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