Trump Leads Biden in Texas Poll

( – Democrats have once again set their sights on Texas this election cycle, especially with Republican Senator Ted Cruz up for reelection. However, their chances of flipping the state are not too good, according to a new Marist poll conducted between March 18-21. The poll, which surveyed 1,117 registered voters, showed former President Trump beating President Biden by 11 percentage points. Trump received 55 percent support, but when only considering respondents who said they would definitely be voting, the margin of Trump’s lead dropped to seven percent.

In 2020, Trump won the state by five and a half percentage points, but more independents have shifted in his direction over the last few years. Biden was up by six percentage points among Texas independents in 2020, but now 56 percent support Trump in comparison to Biden’s 41 percent. Sixty-two percent of respondents also took issue with Biden’s mental fitness. Regarding Trump’s actions while president, 42 percent of respondents believe they were illegal or unethical, while 31 percent said they were not illegal.

Cruz is leading his opponent, Texas Democratic Representative Colin Allred, by six percentage points. The poll revealed that a whopping 53 percent of Texas voters have no idea who Allred is, or they are not sure about how favorably they view him. Given that this election cycle also includes a presidential election, Cruz will likely get far more votes than he would have in a non-presidential election year. Republicans stand a chance to regain control of the Senate, making it essential for Cruz to keep his seat. Democrats have 20 seats up for reelection, as well as three independent seats that often caucus with the Democrats.

The Marist poll also added independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the mix, which pulled Trump and Biden to 48 and 36 percent, respectively. Kennedy polled at 15 percent; however, he has not secured access to the state’s ballot thus far.

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