SpaceX Starts 2023 With Rocket Launch

SpaceX Launches Its First Rocket of the Year

( – Although billionaire Elon Musk has been getting a lot of attention due to his Twitter acquisition and the changes on the social media platform, he has several other businesses spanning different markets. His other companies include the electric car manufacturing company, Tesla, and SpaceX, which launches rockets into orbit on its own and in conjunction with NASA.

This week, news outlets reported SpaceX launched and landed its first rocket of the year. According to Musk, the feat was only the first of about 100 launches the company plans to complete during 2023, The Hill reported. The venture involved the Falcon 9 booster, which took off from a launch pad at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on the morning of January 3. It landed just a short eight and a half minutes later, completing its first stage.

According to SpaceX, the Falcon 9 is a rocket designed for reuse. The projectile can carry people and payloads into orbit and return to Earth. On the rocket’s most recent flight, it carried 114 small satellites to space. The transfer was one part of Transporter-6, the company’s 6th rideshare mission. Some of the group of satellites were deployed into orbit, while others hitched a ride on orbital transfer vehicles they will stay with until the time is right for them to deploy as well.

NASA reported the payloads were of varying sizes, with some weighing less than a kilogram to others over 100 kilograms. The space organization noted the overall mission of the Transporter-6 is to provide an array of rideshare opportunities to desired orbits above Earth.

While The Hill reported Musk’s estimate of about 100 launches seems optimistic, 1st Range Operations Squadron Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mims confirmed the US Space Force is anticipating up to 87 launches from Cape Canaveral in 2023, so the billionaire’s estimate could be close.

In addition to the Falcon 9, SpaceX plans to launch other rockets this year. Specifically, the Falcon Heavy, which is set to carry a payload for the government.

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