School Choice Plan Proposed By Arkansas Governor

School Choice Proposed by New Arkansas Governor

( – With growing support of school choice for every child in America, newly elected Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the latest Governor to unveil legislation that will allow parents to choose where they want their children to go to school. School choice has been a controversial issue in a number of states, but some individuals like Corey DeAngelis, a school-choice advocate, have advocated for the change across the US. DeAngelis spoke to a reporter with The New York Post, back in 2021, indicating he wanted every child to have the chance that he was able to get in middle school.

Fox News reports that the proposal unveiled by Governor Sanders will consist of three different phases, eventually allowing every child in the state of Arkansas to obtain an Education Freedom Account. In addition, the proposal will change provisions for charter schools, end the teaching of divisive curriculum, and benefit teachers in various ways through raises and incentives. DeAngelis applauded Governor Sanders efforts, stating in a Fox News interview that the proposal is the only option that will “truly secure parental rights in education.” He added that he believes all governors should follow suit.

Governors from many states have already proposed or signed school choice legislation, including former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and Utah Governor Spencer Cox. Missouri Governor Mike Parson began an education savings account for certain students who qualified in 2020 when schools were unexpectedly shut down due to the pandemic, and now there is new legislation in Missouri to expand the opportunity to all students. Governor Ron DeSantis signed school-choice legislation into law back in May of 2021.

DeAngelis is traversing the nation, encouraging every state to provide educational freedom for all students. Sometimes facing backlash from lawmakers, he educates them and challenges their reasonings, often publicly on Twitter. He is a senior fellow with the American Federation For Children, which fights for universal school choice for all.

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