Ron DeSantis Slams “Woke Ideology” in Speech

Governor DeSantis Attacks Woke Ideology in Iowa

( – Potential 2024 Presidential candidate Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Iowa on May 13th, 2023, giving a speech at a picnic fundraiser, where he focused on addressing the culture war that has been plaguing America for many years now. DeSantis is perhaps the most outspoken state leader in the nation when it comes to challenging “woke ideology,” which has increased his popularity among the Republican Party.

DeSantis spoke about gender ideology, saying it’s wrong for American Youth to be influenced by teachers to believe that they “were born in the wrong body.” He focused a big portion of his speech on speaking the truth, which he claims is being attacked, all in the name of wokeness. He called for a “war on woke” in his remarks. DeSantis has pushed to remove this from classrooms in Florida, signing legislation to do away with divisive curriculum in K-12 schools and most recently another law to end Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs at all Florida universities.

DeSantis has been traveling the nation, speaking of the actions that he has taken to influence other state leaders to do the same, laying out a blueprint for defeating wokeness and focusing on his ideas of truth and equality instead. Many believe that he is preparing to announce a Presidential run soon, as he has been hiring and increasing staff for campaign purposes. Former President Donald Trump has been critical of the governor, attacking him for aligning with establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and Karl Rove and calling him out for his past actions regarding Medicare and Social Security.

DeSantis has refrained from hitting back at the 45th President, although some pro-DeSantis PACs seem to be taking on the job for him. DeSantis is polling in the teens, which is a major slide backward in recent months, while all other candidates and potential candidates except Trump are polling in the single digits.

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