Prosecutor Coordinated with Candidate Instead of Prosecuting Her for Prostitution

( – A state election that would have been largely unknown nationally is now front and center after a Delegate candidate for Virginia was outed for inappropriate online activity. Susanna Gibson, a nurse practitioner, wife, and mother, made headlines in September after videos of her and her husband engaging in fornication and intercourse for money began circulating on social media.

The Daily Wire previously reported on the content they reviewed, including Gibson saying in a September 2022 video, “I like being choked. I like being hit. I do.” In the most widely circulated video, Gibson and her husband were asking for tokens in exchange for lewd acts on the pornographic website Chaturbate. Gibson requested tokens for certain acts, such as watching her urinate and answering a hotel room door while naked after ordering room service.

The scandal has now turned uglier as it was recently discovered that the radical progressive Henrico Commonwealth Attorney Shannon Taylor appeared to be running interference for Gibson rather than prosecuting her for violating Virginia’s prostitution laws. The discovery was made in an email obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from The Daily Wire to Taylor’s office. The news outlet had emailed her office to find out if she was planning to indict Gibson. Instead of hearing back from Taylor’s office, Gibson’s attorney called The Daily Wire’s contact number attached to the email just 20 minutes after it was sent. He threatened the outlet with a lawsuit if they published an article about Gibson.

The Daily Wire then submitted the FOIA request to find out how Gibson’s attorney learned about the inquiry to Taylor’s office. The outlet discovered that Taylor emailed her staff just minutes after receiving the request for comment from The Daily Wire, telling them “I don’t know her campaign knows about this…. i will handle.”

Though Taylor never provided a comment to the Daily Wire, it’s clear that she meant she would contact Gibson’s campaign to notify them of the inquiry. Notably, it is against the law for prosecutors to use their office for political purposes. Taylor is one of many prosecutors around the country who is funded by George Soros. She also founded the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice.

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