North Face Sponsors Kids LGBT Event

( – An April 3 report from The Daily Wire revealed details about a popular apparel company’s financial donation to a summer camp that urges children to perform in drag.

The North Face is one of many companies to donate money to Camp Brave Trails, which has locations in New York and Southern California. In 2021, The North Face gave the camp over $70,000. Other companies that have donated to the camp include footwear companies Chacos and Toms. According to the Daily Wire, children who believe they are LGBT attend the overnight camp that touts genderless bathrooms and only separates children by age for sleeping arrangements.

The camp has several videos showing children dressed in drag and wearing makeup. The website says that the camp is just like other summer camps, but “with an LGBTQ+ twist.” The camp claims that 12-year-old children have started middle school LGBT clubs after leaving the camp. The website ensures prospective attendees that the name they choose to go by, their gender pronouns, and their gender identity will be “not only respected but celebrated.” Camp founders Jessica and Kayla Weissbuch touted the summer camp during an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show last year. They said that children are allowed to utilize a closet full of various clothes to help determine their gender identity.

The North Face has chosen to push its far-left beliefs regarding race and gender into every aspect of the company. Customers were recently offered a 20 percent discount if they participated in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training. Last year, the company ran a campaign for the so-called pride month with advertisements featuring a person dressed in drag. Camp Brave Trails is one of several LGBT children’s camps. The Daily Wire found one camp that accepted four-year-old children in an investigation of similar camps around the country. Camp Indigo, which has locations in Colorado and California, accepts children who believe they are non-binary or transgender. Another camp in Ohio, called Camp Lilac, helps gender-confused children apply makeup and fix their hair.

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