Kevin McCarthy Won’t Accept Blame for Debt Ceiling Troubles

Kevin McCarthy Spars With Reporter

( – Days after President Joe Biden told reporters that he would not be to blame for the U.S. defaulting, instead pointing the finger at MAGA Republicans, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy squarely placed the blame on Democrats in Congress for failing to negotiate with Republicans. He called out their lack of action on multiple issues when speaking to the press on Wednesday, May 25th, 2023, including the failure to act to protect the southern border, as well as not preparing for the end of Title 42. He also pointed out that House Republicans are the ones who have passed legislation to raise the debt ceiling while the Democrat-controlled Senate has done nothing.

Speaker McCarthy interrupted a reporter for what he believed to be a loaded question when she said, “If the president does not agree to exactly what you want, are you willing to blow past….,” trailing off as Speaker McCarthy responded to the way she worded her question. He rejected the idea that Republicans were the ones not willing to compromise on anything and indicated he didn’t believe he should accept any fault. He said that he expressed his willingness to negotiate about everything with President Biden besides raising taxes and doing a clean debt ceiling increase because there has been too much spending, and “for ninety-seven days he wouldn’t talk to me.”

Speaker McCarthy was also asked whether he believes Republicans would be blamed by voters if a default occurred, which prompted another straightforward response. He said he does not believe that the United States will default, but also sees no way that voters would blame Republicans when they are the only ones who have put forward the effort to avoid default by increasing the debt ceiling in the bill they passed back in April. The meeting took place at the White House instead of at the Capitol building, a switch that was brushed off by Press Secretary Karinne Jean-Pierre during the daily press briefing. Rumors that an agreement could come very soon began swirling on May 25th, 2023, leaving some Republicans wondering what, if any, concessions had been made.

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