Joe Manchin Blasts Biden Administration Over Energy Plans

Senator Joe Manchin Blasts Biden Administration’s Overreach

( – One of President Joe Biden’s tougher critics within his own party has been West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who has publicly criticized the Biden administration’s decisions on multiple occasions, especially when it comes to its energy policies. Now the senator is blasting Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which recently proposed a new rule that would directly impact all power plants in the United States. In a statement, Senator Manchin expressed his outrage at the decisions that he says are “designed to kill the fossil industry by a thousand cuts.”

Senator Manchin cited testimony from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during a hearing, stating that “every FERC commissioner agreed that we cannot eliminate coal today or in the near future,” without compromising the electric grid. He stated that there is no solution proposed by the EPA, yet they are barreling ahead with their radical agenda. Senator Manchin noted that neither of President Biden’s signature pieces of legislation authorized this type of authority for the EPA, concluding his statement by letting the Biden administration know that none of their EPA nominees will be getting confirmation any time soon.

Senator Manchin has also slammed President Biden for vetoing the bipartisan bill that would stop the Department of Labor from requiring fiduciaries to make retirement investments in companies that abide by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Senator Manchin and Senator Jon Tester of Montana both voted for the legislation, and President Biden’s veto prompted an angry statement from Senator Manchin, who accused him of jeopardizing American’s retirement accounts. Senator Manchin’s primary complaint with the Biden administration’s policies has been consistent, which is the belief that he is prioritizing his agenda over the needs of Americans.

Senator Manchin has accused President Biden of implementing policies that were not agreed to in the Inflation Reduction Act, going so far as threatening to vote with Republicans to repeal the law. Senator Manchin is up for re-election in 2024 but has not announced whether he plans to run again.

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