First Daughter Owes Thousands In Back Income Taxes

( – The woes of the Biden family are once again in the headlines, with the spotlight on the first daughter, Ashley Biden, this time around. While at a much smaller scale than her brother, Hunter Biden, Ashley Biden seems to also have a problem with paying taxes.

The New York Post obtained lien documents on December 18 that showed the first daughter owed over $5,000 in state income taxes. A few weeks earlier, Fox News reported about a December 1 notice that Ashley Biden received from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in Philadelphia County. The notice informed the first daughter that two liens had been placed against her property after failing to pay taxes in 2015 and 2021.

For the 2015 taxes, while her father was Vice President, Ashley Biden skipped out on paying the $1,691 she owed to the state. After President Biden took office in 2021, she failed to pay $1,956 to the state. The notice showed liens totaling $2,736 and $2,249, as well as a filing fee of $94.44. Republican Pennsylvania Representative Dan Meuser had a lot to say about Ashley Biden’s delinquency. After serving for four years as revenue secretary for the state, Meuser has seen his fair share of evasions. He said that Ashley Biden’s failure to pay was due to “privilege or carelessness.” He continued, telling The Post that the liens prevent Ashley Biden from making “any substantial financial transaction” until she pays them off.

According to Mueser, Ashley Biden’s net worth is around $2 million. He suggested that President Biden direct his attention to his daughter and her failure to pay her fair share, just as he says about other wealthy people in the country. This is not the first time Ashley Biden has been in the news. Just before the 2020 presidential election, a diary that reportedly belonged to her was published by Project Veritas. In one entry, she wrote about how she remembered taking showers with her father, describing them as inappropriate.

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