Fetterman Roasted For Wearing Shorts To Senate News Conference

Fetterman Roasted For Wearing Sweats To Senate News Conference

(LibertySociety.com) – Freshman Democrat Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has been in the media spotlight for various reasons since taking office in January 2023, but his choice of attire has been a hot topic since his candidacy began. His outfit of choice during his campaign was usually an oversized hoodie and basketball shorts, but after taking office, he mostly switched to wearing a suit and tie. However, on May 18th, 2023, Senator Fetterman attended a press briefing wearing his signature hoodie and shorts, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the other Senators who were wearing suits.

The internet exploded with criticism, including from Representative Lauren Boebert, R-CO., who blasted Senator Fetterman for his casual outfit, tweeting, “It’s truly unbecoming for someone to show up like that to any job, let alone a job that only 100 people are elected to do.” The day Senator Fetterman was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he had been staying for several weeks due to severe depression, he was spotted returning to Capitol Hill wearing a hoodie and basketball shorts, which also sparked social media conversation and criticism.

Senator Fetterman has developed speech problems since having a stroke shortly before the 2022 primary elections, but he was given approval from his physician to continue his campaign. He also uses a closed-captioning device that dictates the speech of other Senators on a screen for him to read during sessions. His difficulty communicating during Senate hearings has caused some to debate whether he is fit to serve in the Senate, with critics expressing the belief that he needs to resign and focus on his recovery.

Most recently, Fox News conducted a review and claimed that Senator Fetterman’s staff have doctored many transcribed quotes from remarks he made during Senate hearings, while they also slammed the media for pointing out his difficulty when speaking. His staff maintains that his speaking problem is caused by a hearing problem and that he is doing fine otherwise.

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