Donald Trump Offers Comments on State of the Union

Former President Trump Gives President Biden SOTU Compliments

( – Hours before President Biden’s State of the Union Address, former President Trump announced that he would be giving live commentary throughout the speech. This sparked quite a bit of interest, temporarily crashing the Truth Social app as the speech began. The interruption was brief, and he offered compliments and criticisms of President Biden as well as many members of Congress, including Representative Eric Swalwell, D-CA, Maxine Waters, D-CA, and Elizabeth Warren, D-MA.

News outlets reported that during his commentary, Trump also took time to compliment newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, noting that “his demeanor is perfect” while referring to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a “crazed lunatic.” He also slammed Biden for “taking credit” for things the Trump administration accomplished and accused the President of letting other countries steal American jobs.

Immediately following President Biden’s speech, Trump released a video on Truth Social, offering his thoughts on what he called the “real state of the union.” NBC News wrote about the video, calling it an attack on Biden’s speech. During the video, former President Trump gave criticism to President Biden’s failure to protect the southern border, spikes in crime throughout the nation, as well as the weaponization of the Department of Justice. However, in a written blurb, he noted the effort that Biden put into the speech was worth giving credit to, while still pointing out that he felt many points that should have been discussed were not.

The Department of Justice has faced scrutiny over allegations that Trump has been treated differently than Biden in relation to the classified documents scandal. The FBI did not raid any of Biden’s residences, only searching them with coordination between them and Biden’s attorneys. The most recent search of his Rehoboth Beach residence came two weeks after Biden visited there shortly after the classified documents were discovered in his garage at his Delaware home, sparking more criticism.

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