CNN Declined To Air Ad That Faults Biden

( – A conservative nonprofit group issued a sharp rebuke to CNN after the outlet refused to air one of its advertisements during Biden’s State of the Union Address. Phil Cox, who works as an advisor at Building Back America’s Future, told Fox News in a statement that “CNN and Joe Biden are in lockstep once again.” The advertisement blamed Joe Biden for the death of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old Georgia nursing student who was killed by an illegal immigrant while going for a run. Cox’s statement said that CNN was attempting to protect Biden by censoring the truth about Riley’s murder. He noted that the American people know that Biden’s radical border policies are the reason why she was killed.

Cox said that the refusal to air the ad would not deter the nonprofit from its work of telling the public about how unsafe the United States has become because of Joe Biden. The ad is called “Run,” and has spread like wildfire across all social media platforms and has been aired on MSNBC and Fox News. The ad begins with the narrator stating that Riley should have been able to take a run in the middle of the day “without being murdered by an illegal immigrant,” adding that Biden vowed that he would not be deporting illegal immigrants.

Various clips of Biden discussing his border policies were clipped into the ad, including when he said that deportation efforts should not be focused on illegal immigrants and that illegal immigrants should not be jailed while waiting for a court date. The narrator then explained that Riley’s killer, Jose Ibarra, came into the United States illegally and was not deported or jailed. The narrator said that Biden supports sanctuary cities, pointing out that Ibarra was released from jail twice after being arrested in the sanctuary city of New York City. After that, he traveled to Georgia and killed Riley. The narrator then asked how many other killers Biden was responsible for setting free. CNN claimed that the advertisement made unsubstantiated claims, which is why it failed to meet the outlet’s guidelines. However, CNN had no problem writing up an article claiming that Republicans were exploiting Riley’s death for political purposes.

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