Biological Man Wins Miss Portugal

( – The upcoming 2024 Miss Universe pageant will now have two male contestants who identify as women. The first official male contestant won the title of Miss Netherlands back in July.

On October 5, Portugal crowned its first male contestant over a large pool of female contestants to represent the European nation next year. Biological male, Marina Machete, 28, expressed excitement in an Instagram post about being eligible to compete in the pageant.

The ability for men to compete in the pageant has gained popularity due to Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip’s acquisition of the competition in 2022. Jakrajutatip also identifies as a woman, making the switch just five years ago. Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are also now owned by Jakrajutatip.

Social media exploded with users who were irritated yet unsurprised at Machete’s victory. One person asked, “Don’t they have any women in that country?” Another user pointed out what they believed to be the worst part of Machete’s victory, which was “the women applauding because it’s fashionable.” Rui Paulo Sousa, who is a member of the Portuguese Parliament, expressed remorse for the women who were beaten in a women’s pageant by a male competitor. Following the first male victory in the Netherlands, the Italian competition banned biological men from competing.

Another change for the Miss Universe competition will begin in 2024, with the removal of the 28-year-old age limit. Anyone over the age of 18 will now be allowed to qualify for the pageant. In the history of the Miss Universe pageant, only one other man has participated in the competition.

Back in 2018, biological male Angela Ponce represented the country of Spain. Men who identify as females have been eligible to compete in the Miss Universe pageant since 2012 when future President of the United States Donald Trump still ran the competition. The 2024 Miss Universe pageant will be held in El Salvador, which was announced by El Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele during the 2023 Miss Universe pageant in January.

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