Billionaire Nelson Peltz Reveals Trump Support

( – With the November election cycle in full steam, influential individuals have begun speaking out about who they will support in the general election for president. Billionaire Nelson Peltz, who is heavily invested in Disney, reluctantly told the Financial Times, “It will probably be Trump and I’m not happy about that,” when asked who he would be supporting. Peltz has backed candidates in both parties in the past but explained that the degradation of the country was a result of Biden’s presidency. He referenced the massive number of illegal migrants crossing the southern border, stating that cities and states had become overwhelmed and forced to cut spending on services for American citizens.

He also told the outlet that Biden was suffering from a “really scary mental condition.” Peltz also said that he had not made up his mind on whether to financially support Trump’s campaign, noting that he had not spoken to the 45th President in a long time. Peltz lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump resides during the winter months. Peltz has been in media headlines for his disagreements in Disney’s boardroom with the company’s CEO Bob Iger. Peltz’s company, Trian Fund Management, has accused the company of straying from tradition under Iger and former Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Peltz is currently attempting to shift control of the company just days ahead of its yearly shareholders meeting on April 3.

Trump will likely receive endorsements from other billionaires who hope to influence him should he return to the Oval Office, but he has long said that he does not need their support. Some billionaires have already begun moving towards supporting Trump, according to Business Insider. Some have even offered to help pay his legal fees. Trump is currently leading Biden in most of the recent polls, and Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s recent announcement of a far-left vice presidential pick could pull more Democratic voters from Biden who have been less than pleased with his presidency.

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