Biden Reportedly Aiming To Reach Voters Through Social Media Influencers

Biden To Use Influencers for 2024 Digital Campaign

( – Although President Biden has not officially announced that he will be running for re-election in 2024, his team at the White House is exploring a digital strategy in an effort to reach younger voters, Axios reports. Using social media influencers, who collectively push a prescribed talking point on a massive, coordinated scale is not unheard of for the Biden administration, and they have invited many of them to the White House in the past.

According to Axios, this digital strategy will involve a more immersive experience for social media influencers, as President Biden’s team is planning to have a special briefing room just for them in the White House. Democrats are counting on younger voters to secure his second term, and with the help of these influencers, his team hopes to attract them to follow more Democrats on social media. The digital staffers who are planning this strategy for President Biden are employees of the White House, not his campaign. Besides young voters, reaching suburbanites is also a goal of this new influence campaign.

Axios reports that this strategy could give certain social media influencers “more consistent access to the president,” adding that the press briefing room where Karine Jean-Pierre speaks will no longer be the only way that the Biden administration conveys information to the public. Their goal is to target social media users on TikTok and Instagram, which younger potential voters usually frequent. Many of these influencers are also locally known, which could be beneficial to President Biden during his campaign travels if he chooses to coordinate events with them to reach a different type of audience than he is used to attracting. His social media reach is reportedly far below that of former President Trump, so this strategy could help President Biden in the digital arena of his 2024 Presidential campaign.

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