Biden Knows Exactly What His Campaign Won’t Address

( – As the 2024 presidential election cycle is ramping up, candidates are developing their campaign strategies and talking points. President Biden’s campaign co-chairman, Cedric Richmond, made clear to ABC the topics they will not be entertaining.

While whistleblowers and communications obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) paint a different picture, the Biden administration maintains that the Department of Justice is an independent agency. Therefore, Richmond stated, Biden’s campaign is “not going to focus on Donald Trump’s legal problems” or Special Counsel David Weiss’s investigation of Hunter Biden.

The staffer who manages President Biden’s social media accounts must have missed the memo from the Biden campaign. On August 24, just as former President Trump arrived at a Fulton County jail to be booked on 13 felony charges, President Biden’s personal social media accounts made a curious post that seemed to be referring to Trump’s historical arrest when asking for campaign donations. The link to the Democrat ActBlue fundraising platform was captioned with “Apropos of nothing, I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.” Richmond ignored that the post was made on social media when ABC’s Martha Raddatz questioned the timing of it, referring to it as an email. He said that campaign emails are blasted out several times every day, telling Raddatz, “I wouldn’t read much into that.”

President Biden is largely unavailable and unresponsive to media questions about the investigation into his son, and his press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mostly refuses to discuss the matter. Even as evidence of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings has been mounting, Jean-Pierre offers nothing more than the official statement from the Biden administration.

However, the official statement has continuously changed over the last several years. It has shifted from claiming that President Biden was unaware of the details of any of his son’s business dealings, to now saying that President Biden was not in business with his son. The majority of the White House press has been uninterested in the scandal, as most of their employers are not reporting about it anyway.

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