Avoid Confrontation With Violent Thieves, Toronto Police Advise

(LibertySociety.com) – Car thefts in Toronto have increased two-fold in recent years, prompting police to suggest various measures to keep residents safe. A Toronto Police Constable sparked headlines after telling residents to leave their car keys by their front door to prevent confrontations with thieves at a February town hall meeting in Etobicoke. Constable Marco Ricciardi said that the thieves the department recently arrested had loaded guns on them. He said “They don’t want anything else” when breaking into the home besides the keys.

After a clip of the town hall went viral on social media and national news outlets, Toronto police posted a memo on its website to clarify Ricciardi’s comments. The memo said that his suggestion was “well meaning,” but noted that there were additional measures that could be taken to prevent car thieves from breaking into homes. Various tips were listed, including the installation of a home security system, installing motion detection alarms and multipoint door locks, and keeping travel plans off of social media. The memo also suggested keeping outside lights on during the night and making sure driveways were adequately lit.

The Toronto Police Department told Fox News that Ricciardi’s suggestion was a direct response to the recent increase in home invasions that turned violent when the criminal was seeking to steal a vehicle. Residents in the York region were recently given doorstops to provide extra security, as burglars had been kicking in doors. One resident said that after she was given a doorstop, it made her feel like her neighborhood was at an increased risk of home invasions.

Ricciardi’s suggestion came after police in Quebec advised residents to refrain from sharing video footage of thieves stealing packages outside of homes because it could violate the thieves’ private lives. Instead, they recommended calling the police so they could find the perpetrator and file charges against them.

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