Aldean Sparks Controversy with Song that Seems to Support Gun Violence

( – Liberal heads are exploding after hearing country megastar Jason Aldean’s latest single hit the airwaves as they believe he is fomenting gun violence. While these critics have likely listened to rap music over the last several decades that glorifies violence and assault, it seems that the pearl-clutching may be due to who the artist is, not what he is singing about.

The song, which is titled “Try That in a Small Town,” is about how everyone in small towns has “each other’s backs and we look out for each other,” according to Aldean, who added that a “sense of community and respect has gotten lost.”

Critics blasted Aldean for releasing a song that they believe will incite violence, with Shannon Watts, founder of a gun-control group called Moms Demand, pointing out that Aldean was the artist holding a concert when the Las Vegas mass shooting unfolded, resulting in the deaths of 61 people. Others recommended boycotting the song, invoking the riot of January 6, 2021, as a reason he should not have released it. One other critic claimed that Aldean was just seeking attention from MAGA followers, as he and former President Trump are friends and golfing buddies.

Fans of the song balked at liberals who were appalled at the lyrics, stating that he is saying what most Americans are thinking. Aldean and his wife Brittany have been vocal over the last several years about issues in the United States, drawing positive and negative attention for their views that do not align with most celebrities. Brittany Aldean has expressed her disapproval of transgender ideologies being pushed on children, capitalizing on her stance with t-shirt sales. She said that when she was younger, she went through a tomboy phase and was grateful to her parents for not medically intervening. However, back in 2017 after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Jason Aldean questioned the ease of access to guns but expressed his belief that gun control is a touchy subject that will bring criticism from both sides of the argument.

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