70% Of Canadians Believe Nations Is Broken

(LibertySociety.com) – A new Leger poll released on March 10 showed that 70 percent of Canadians feel “like everything is broken in this country right now.” A similar poll conducted a year ago showed that only 40 percent of Canadians felt that way. In addition, 59 percent are either angry or very angry about the way the country is being run. Unsurprisingly, voters from the Conservative Party of Canada, as well as people from Alberta and Ontario were the most likely to agree that the country was broken. However, that group includes Liberal voters at 43 percent, New Democratic Party (NDP) voters at 66 percent, and women at 72 percent.

NDP voters have supported Trudeau’s government, but like other Canadians, are angry about the government’s priorities. Inflation and rising prices ranked at the top of the list for Canadians, with quality healthcare and affordable living close behind. The polls showed that Canadians feel that the government “is more focused on issues that are of lower importance to them.” Those issues include immigration, climate change, and supporting the war in Ukraine. Only 16 percent of respondents ranked climate change as an important concern. The poll was conducted for three days at the end of February, with Leger contacting 1,590 Canadians.

The poll results are similar to polls in the United States, and the United States government appears to also be out of touch with what is important to most American citizens. A Pew Research poll released just ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union Address showed that 73 percent of Americans believe that strengthening the economy is the top priority. Sixty-three percent of Americans said that defending against terrorism in the United States was the most important priority. Other top priorities included reducing the influence of money in politics, reducing health care costs, improving education, making Social Security financially sound, reducing crime, and dealing with immigration. Only 36 percent of respondents felt that climate change was a top priority.

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