Schiff Gains Edge as California Senate Race Heats Up

( – The race to replace retiring California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein is heating up, with candidates hauling in millions of dollars to help secure a victory in the primary election. Representative Adam Schiff, who is the frontrunner and likely victor of the race, has raised nearly $30 million, with over $8 million coming in over the second quarter.

Schiff is a controversial lawmaker who gained notoriety for his claim that then-President Donald Trump was colluding with Russia before and during his presidency, a claim that he still makes to this day. Schiff was also an impeachment manager during Trump’s first impeachment, winning over the hearts of liberals who wanted to see the President removed from office.

California Representative Katie Porter is also raking in the dough, touting over $10 million in her campaign coffers at the end of the second quarter. A recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California showed Porter leading Schiff by three points, but that number falls within the margin of error for the poll. Schiff has been leading virtually every other poll, but the candidates have until March 2024 to win over voters. Porter is known for the charts that she puts on display during committee hearings, with Democrat supporters applauding her efforts to go head-to-head with corporations.

California Representative Barbara Lee is also in the running, although she reported just $1.4 million in total donations. She is polling just three points below Schiff in the latest polls. The race is likely to remain tight throughout, but Schiff has the endorsement of California Representative Nancy Pelosi, who is a favorite amongst Democrat voters. Schiff recently capitalized on his censuring by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, posting a video message and fundraising link on Twitter shortly after the vote was held. He also attempted to drum up support by chiding Special Counsel John Durham during his testimony to the Judiciary Committee after the release of his final report, which contradicted Schiff’s claims about former President Trump.

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