Kennedy Labels Biden A Bigger Threat To Democracy Than Trump

( – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likely ruffled feathers on April 1 when he said that President Biden was “a much worse threat to democracy” than former President Trump. The remark was made during a CNN interview with host Erin Burnett. Kennedy explained that Biden’s use of government agencies to censor was unprecedented, noting that Biden used those agencies to censor him. He pointed to Murthy v. Missouri (formerly Missouri v. Biden), the government censorship case that was just argued before the Supreme Court after the plaintiffs prevailed at a federal Court of Appeals.

Kennedy said that Biden took action to censor him less than just 37 hours after he was sworn in as president. He argued that someone questioning the results of an election, as Trump did, was not a threat to democracy. Instead, a president who exploits his office to create an access portal for government agencies to dictate censorship to social media companies was the real threat to democracy. According to the lawsuit, agencies in frequent communication with social media companies to encourage censorship included the CIA, FBI, CISA, NIH, and the IRS.

Kennedy also blasted Biden for using his authority over the Secret Service to deny him protection during his presidential candidacy. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas denied him protection last year, but President Biden also has the authority to authorize Secret Service protection.

Burnett point blank asked Kennedy if he could successfully argue that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump. Kennedy responded, “Absolutely,” rhetorically reiterating his questions about the unprecedented nature of Biden’s censoring his political opponents and his weaponization of federal agencies.

Following Kennedy’s announcement of Nicole Shanahan as his running mate, Democrats became more concerned that he would pull more votes from Biden than Trump. Kennedy’s campaign has denied accusations of serving as a spoiler candidate to pull votes away from either candidate.

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