Records Show Biden Has Flown In Over 300,000 Migrants Into Florida

( – A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) revealed that the Biden administration has secretly flown over 800,000 illegal migrants into the United States over the last few years. CIS fellow Todd Bensman reviewed various available government records to come up with the total, although the Department of Homeland Security would not comply with several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from CIS. The mainstream media, along with Democratic governors and mayors, often blame Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott for the inundation of illegal migrants. However, Biden’s importation programs are responsible for far more illegal migrant arrivals in the nation’s largest cities.

According to Bensman, the Biden administration sends planes to airports in various countries and transports illegal migrants directly to airports in the United States. The illegal migrants are allowed to subvert the standard immigration process, while local governments are left in the dark about who is arriving in their states and cities. The plan requires a United States-based sponsor to apply for admission flights online for the illegal migrants. The process for approval of the applications is unknown, but illegal migrants simply arrive at a United States airport and are immediately allowed to stay.

Many of the flights are in the middle of the night, according to Bensman and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The two-term governor said that it’s “just a fact” that the Biden administration dumps illegal migrants without notifying anyone within state governments. The program has sent over 326,000 illegal migrants to Florida, but just 33,000 to New York.

Bensman said that the total number of illegal migrant arrivals in New York was likely much larger than estimated. However, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has chosen to ignore Biden’s program while continuously blasting Abbott for the 37,500 illegal migrants he has sent to the city. One illegal migrant flown in under Biden’s program was a Haitian man named Pierre Lucard Emile. He was arrested in September for allegedly raping a mentally disabled teenage girl.

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