Ramaswamy Already Has a List of SCOTUS Potentials

(LibertySociety.com) – With The primary election season nearing, candidates are getting into specifics about how they would govern if they were the ultimate nominee. While many candidates answered important questions that Americans are asking during their interviews with Tucker Carlson at an Iowa forum on June 14, one candidate followed up with potential voters with more information about a very important topic. Vivek Ramaswamy sent out an email blast that included a list of whom he would choose as Supreme Court justices and other judicial nominees, with some familiar names making the cut.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee were prominent choices as Ramaswamy is looking for candidates who have an “originalist understanding of the Constitution,” similar to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ interpretation. Notably, Ramaswamy chose many of the same people that former President Trump had on his own list, which included many of his judicial appointments as President. Ramaswamy’s email included details as to why he chose Senators Cruz and Lee. Cruz said both are fighting to uphold or restore civil liberties that all Americans are afforded.

Ramaswamy’s campaign message is about enabling Americans to achieve the American dream. The campaign focuses on equality and challenging false narratives with truth. During his interview with Carlson in Iowa, Ramaswamy expressed how he believes that an American president needs to understand the tech world instead of relying on advisers to make recommendations on how to handle some of the most important challenges of our time. Ramaswamy touted his expertise in the field.

He believes that he will be the victor of the primary elections and that his main goal is to reach younger voters. Ramaswamy pointed out how the left creates problems such as “math is racist,” to cover for inner-city minority students failing classes due to schools shutting down in predominantly Democrat-run communities during the pandemic. He recently announced that over 40% of his donors have never given a dime to the Republican Party, which may lend credibility to his objective of attracting young voters.

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