NYC Mayor Says Crime Isn’t Up, It’s Just Perception

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared frustrated during an April 3 news conference at One Police Plaza where he discussed crime statistics for the first quarter. Adams argued that NYC was the “safest big city in America.” He said that subway crime had declined during the first quarter, but that public perception could make riders feel like crime is out of control. He also rejected complaints from radical progressives about increased police presence in the subways, detailing how “everyday New Yorkers” feel more comfortable and safe riding the subway with police on board.

Adams discussed recent NYPD statistics that showed a decrease in overall crime in comparison to last year’s first-quarter report. However, the New York Post obtained internal data from the NYPD that showed an increase in serious crimes over the last two years at levels NYC had not seen in the last 20 years. Assaults have surged under Adams’ leadership, according to a rolling report from the NYPD. Adams has been successful in decreasing homicides and gun violence, both of which have dipped by double-digits when measured by percentage. Adams has frequently said that the criminal justice system needs to be tougher on criminals to prevent recidivism. He has launched criticism at the state government for failing to address the issue, most recently when speaking outside a Queens hospital after NYPD officer Jonathan Diller was shot and killed by a career criminal.

Adams surged NYPD officers in the subway system in February, which he said has helped with crime reduction. Despite this effort, New York Governor Kathy Hochul called up the National Guard in March to patrol the subways and conduct bag checks. NYC Democratic City Councilman Bob Holden said that he is consistently contacted by his constituents complaining about increased crime. He claimed that the statistics were inaccurate and noted that many crimes were not being reported by workers and residents because they believed nothing would be done to stop the crime.

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