Nikki Haley On Her Husband: “I Don’t Love My Husband 100% Of The Time”

( – Former South Carolina Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley has mostly taken softball shots at former President Trump, but many are expecting the intraparty criticisms to ramp up as it gets closer to the primary elections. Haley appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto on June 11, where he questioned her about whether she had any concerns about risking “the wrath of his voters and supporters,” noting that most Republican voters are supporting his campaign.

Haley responded by delving into the inner workings of her marriage, comparing her conditional love of the former president to her love of her husband, stating, “I don’t love my husband a hundred percent of the time.” She went on to describe how some in her circle would rather she never agree with the former president about anything, adding that she believes that America needed him in 2016. She dodged Cavuto’s question if she thought he was not the right candidate for 2024, simply saying that she will support whoever wins the Republican nomination.

Haley has many similar domestic policy stances as former President Trump, but her foreign policy is more aligned with the political establishment. She has suggested that Americans support the war in Ukraine unconditionally, which will likely turn off populist Republicans and Independent voters who believe that America should not have gotten involved in the first place. During the interview with Cavuto, Haley expressed her support for Ukraine joining NATO, something that many believe would be a decision that incites World War III. She also compared Ukraine’s future relationship with the United States to that of Israel and the United States if Ukraine is given NATO membership.

Haley is polling in the low single digits, just as most other candidates besides former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but remains hopeful that she has a chance to secure the nomination. The 45th President has only gained support since he was indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith, and more charges are rumored to be brought soon.

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