Left-Leaning Media Attack ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie

(LibertySociety.com) – The recent release of Angel Studios’ Sound of Freedom movie has prompted most left-leaning news outlets to revive their attacks on conservatives for focusing on child trafficking, labeling anyone who brings attention to the travesty as “Qanon conspiracy theorists.”

CNN featured Mike Rothschild, who discouraged viewers from seeing the film, claiming that it contained misinformation about child trafficking statistics. Rolling Stone magazine published a hit piece about the film, attacking the star, Jim Caviezel, who played the role of Tim Ballard, a real-life ex-agent for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rolling Stone took Caviezel to task for his claims that evil people are “harvesting the blood of children.” The magazine also went after the people who went to watch the film, telling its readers that only aging Christians were in attendance.

Many began questioning why the media would go to such extremes to attack a film based on a true story that brings attention to a real-world problem that affects millions of children and families. Although aspects of the movie were enhanced for entertainment purposes, the statistics that were presented in the film are accurate, including the $150 billion trafficking market. People who are trafficked, including children, are sold several times per day, which makes trafficking a much more lucrative industry than drug trafficking. Angel Studios broke down the facts versus the fiction of the film, easily dispelling the media’s attempt to downplay the severity of the problem. Many characters in the film are survivors of human trafficking.

Tim Ballard founded Operation Underground Railroad in 2013, and his team is composed of former law enforcement and government officials who rescue children from human trafficking in the United States and abroad, providing support to survivors to help them live normal lives. While outlets like Rolling Stone have brushed off the film as a mere conspiracy, their efforts have not deterred people from seeing it, with recent box office reports showing the film has brought in over $85 million since its release. In fact, more people have seen the film since the media began its attacks.

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