Jamie Raskin Defends Hunter Biden, Takes Cheap Shot at Republicans

(LibertySociety.com) – Maryland Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin has made it his personal mission to try and discredit every claim that Republicans make about Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family, and his opening statement during a House Oversight Committee hearing on July 19 proved to be more of the same. During the hearing, Rep. Raskin said that Hunter Biden is “just a rich guy exercising his Second Amendment rights,” attempting to take a dig at the Republicans in the committee whom he believes support unfettered access to weapons. Raskin also sought sympathy for Hunter Biden’s drug addiction during the hearing, using it as an excuse for his behavior.

Raskin proclaimed that Hunter Biden “received no special treatment,” as he and other Democrats have brushed off the whistleblowers’ allegations since their testimonies were made public, instead focusing their efforts on characterizing them as disgruntled employees. Raskin, like other Democrats on the committee, spent time defending the IRS funding that was part of the Inflation Reduction Act, telling his colleagues that the money will help the agency go after those who are not complying with tax laws. Oddly, another Democrat Representative, Jasmine Crockett of Texas, defended the purpose of the IRS, but then highlighted how minorities are disproportionately audited by the agency, sparking confusion among viewers.

Some Democrats seemed to lack knowledge of the whistleblowers’ testimony and the investigation into Hunter Biden, which led to several instances of having to be corrected by the whistleblowers. Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., could have been out of the chamber when the whistleblowers discussed that the prosecutors in the Hunter Biden case recommended several charges that were ultimately declined by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Khanna seemed to think that the whistleblowers were just upset that their own charging recommendations were not honored after they concluded their investigation. Whistleblower Gary Shapley informed Rep. Khanna that this was not the case, but that the DOJ attorneys prosecuting Hunter Biden were denied bringing certain charges. The spotlight on the scandal has not faded away despite the Democrats’ efforts, as new information is revealed nearly every day.

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