GOP Prepares To Investigate US Agencies

GOP Prepares To Investigate US Security Agencies

( – Now that the House of Representatives has selected a speaker, it’s time for the Lower Chamber to begin its work under a Republican majority. According to the New York Times, the GOP plans to create a Judiciary subcommittee to investigate whether or not federal government agencies, including the FBI and US security agencies, have been weaponized — specifically against former President Donald Trump. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) will likely chair the group.

On January 6, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) appeared in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. The lawmaker said Washington is broken, and he wants to be part of the solution. Roy said the GOP plans to open committees to go after the Biden Administration and reign in spending.

The Texas legislator said Republicans asked for at least as much money that went into the investigation undertaken by the January 6 committee, so they can do a thorough investigation into the antics of current federal government agencies. According to the NYT, the probes will include looking into “ongoing criminal investigations.” However, the House is likely in for a fight over that aspect, as the Department of Justice could argue in court to keep that information out of Congress’ hands.

Republicans have expressed enthusiasm about the committee. A press release on House Majority Leader Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) Majority Leader website noted the panel would be granted “sweeping investigatory powers.” Meanwhile, Rep. Lauren Boebert, (R-CO) posted on Twitter calling for the end of the “weaponization of the federal government,” and added, “House Republicans are on it.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said the House would now look into the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the origins of the pandemic, in addition to the alleged weaponization of the FBI mentioned by Roy during his Fox News interview.

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