Fox News Owners Just Soured On Ron DeSantis

( – Rumors have been swirling over the last several weeks about whether Fox is regretting its decision to throw support behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with the head honcho, Rupert Murdoch, allegedly losing faith that he will be able to beat former President Trump in the primary election. Media outlets have enjoyed the ability to sway public opinion for decades, but with the rise of social media and independent journalism, they are not as effective as they used to be. Whether it’s a miscalculation about Republican support for former President Trump, or simply a selfish attempt to handpick the Republican nominee, Governor DeSantis’ inability to make any meaningful gains in the polls has the media conglomerate worried.

While Fox and Murdoch declined to comment when asked about their doubts about DeSantis’ poor performance, Fox News hosts have begun to push back on the candidate during recent media interviews. During one interview, Will Cain asked DeSantis about his stagnant polling numbers, noting that “they’ve stayed there for about two months,” referencing his inability to make any gains since he officially launched his presidential bid. Maria Bartiromo, who has always supported former President Trump, was even more brazen during a Mornings with Maria interview with DeSantis, asking, “What’s going on with your campaign?”

The print publications that are controlled by the Murdoch family have also started putting out pieces that are not filled with butterflies and rainbows about DeSantis, specifically critiquing the choices his campaign is making when launching attacks on former President Trump. One particularly peculiar attack involves the 45th President’s Supreme Court appointments, which Murdoch-owned New York Post drew attention to by sharing an article from National Review that criticized the DeSantis campaign for thinking that voters believe his choices were not up to par, especially given the historical decisions that have come out of the Court over the last two years. While all evidence points to Murdoch losing hope for DeSantis, he is certainly not to the point of going all in on former President Trump’s campaign just yet.

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