Donald Trump Delivers Speech in Iowa

Former President Trump Kicks Off Campaign Rallies in Iowa

( – On Monday, March 13th, 2023, former President Trump delivered an address in Davenport, Iowa to kick off his campaign for the 2024 Presidential nomination. One of the main focuses of his speech was about the war in Ukraine, which he claims wouldn’t have ever occurred if he were president. He attributes the weakness of President Joe Biden, namely his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, as a failure that President Vladimir Putin of Russia saw as an “opening for him to invade Ukraine.”

The 45th President accused Biden of potentially thrusting America into World War III, citing incompetence and mixed messaging when it comes to almost every single decision that is made. He also warned that WWIII would not be fought with tanks and rifles, but probably with nuclear weapons, which could end in total destruction of the world. He promised the citizens of Iowa that he would prevent WWIII, stating “I am the only candidate who can make this promise,” adding that he would have the war ended after his election, before he even takes office.

The U.S. southern border was also a highly discussed topic during the address, with Trump declaring that he would “immediately end the invasion of our southern border,” calling out members of his own party on the matter. He mentioned thwarting the globalist agenda, as well as promising to take on Marxist ideologies being forced into American institutions, and of course the news media. The former president also took aim at Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, pointing out his alignment with Paul Ryan, among other establishment Republicans. He also claimed DeSantis supported making cuts to Social Security and Medicare entitlements when he was in Congress.

Former President Trump took questions at the end of his speech, offering long and detailed answers to local reporters who shared concerns about the Biden administration and sought answers as to what the 45th President would do to fix the problems in the US.

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