Calls For Biden’s Impeachment Increase Among Republicans

Calls For Biden's Impeachment Reach Fever Pitch

( – Some Republican lawmakers have felt that President Joe Biden should have been impeached long ago, but now that they hold a majority in the House of Representatives, more people are pushing to make it happen. A firestorm of tweets from Republican activists on Twitter ensued after lawmakers from the House Oversight Committee revealed the details of the FD-1023 unclassified document on June 8th, 2023.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-GA), has filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden twice since he took office, while several other GOP members have also taken action. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) filed articles in 2021 and this past week. In addition, Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN) introduced his own set of articles on June 12. Freshman Representative Anna Paulina Luna, (R-FL) reiterated her call for impeachment after viewing the FD-1023 form. Representative Andy Biggs, (R-AZ), like Speaker McCarthy, wanted to wait until there was enough evidence to act, but he made the call for impeachment on June 9th, 2023.

Speaker McCarthy told Breitbart News last week that everything is on the table, including impeachment, if the evidence points House lawmakers in that direction. He also called out the two different standards that are applied to Democrats and Republicans, comparing the investigation into former President Trump to the investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-Vice President Joe Biden. He also took direct aim at Attorney General Merrick Garland, reminding him that Congress has oversight of the Department of Justice, retweeting the House Judiciary Committee’s letter to the DOJ regarding new information about the raid on Mar-a-Lago and the indictment of the 45th President.

New details were brought to light recently from Senator Chuck Grassley. He claimed that the FD-1023 that the House Oversight Committee viewed in the SCIF was redacted to prevent the committee from learning that seventeen audio recordings allegedly exist between Hunter Biden, then-Vice President Joe Biden, and the foreign national who participated in the bribe that resulted in a $10 million payment to the Biden family. Representative Greene also said that there were two more FD-1023 forms that the Oversight Committee would be getting its hands on.

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