Trump Breaks Silence Over Secret Service Investigation

( – Former President Trump has been hot on the case since cocaine was discovered in the White House, posting on Truth Social shortly after the incident that he knows the security tapes could provide the evidence needed to identify the person who brought in the cocaine. However, just days after the Secret Service launched an investigation, announcing that they would be looking at surveillance footage and taking fingerprints, they closed the case with no results. Like many other scandals of the Biden administration, social media blew up at the news that no one would be held accountable, but Americans are expected to accept it and move on.

The former president expressed his frustration that the Secret Service investigation came up empty, sarcastically asking why they could not pinpoint the culprit “despite all of the cameras pointed directly at ‘the scene of the crime.” He went on to say that they are engaging in a cover-up because it is obvious who the cocaine belonged to. The statement from the Secret Service said that there was not sufficient surveillance footage “to single out a person of interest,” also claiming that there were hundreds of people who frequented the area where the cocaine was found.

While former President Trump certainly knows the layout of the White House, including who is allowed access to the place where the cocaine was found, he has also made a few Truth Social posts that have given the media something to write about. In one post, he asked for Special Counsel Jack Smith to investigate the matter instead of worrying about him, then proceeded to state that Smith himself looked like he was on drugs. In another post, he accused President Biden of using cocaine, but most of his posts have named Hunter Biden as the guilty party. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told Tucker Carlson on June 14 that there is a minimal number of high-level officials that have access to the heavily surveilled locker area where the cocaine was found, seeming to agree with former President Trump’s assertions.

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