Joe Biden Skips NATO Dinner For Odd Reason

( – For the third time since taking office, President Biden had skipped a dinner with world leaders, this time missing out on the NATO summit dinner. The original excuse of “four full workdays” left many confused, as Biden was lounging shirtless on the beach in Delaware on Saturday just two days prior. But the White House later clarified that they were referring to the four upcoming days, listing several items on the president’s agenda. He will reportedly be attending several meetings during the summit, but the spokesperson also reported on the domestic responsibilities he needed to attend to as another reason for not going to the dinner.

Although the White House attempted to save face for the president’s notable absence from such an important event, online discussions about his extracurricular activities have been making the rounds on social media over the last several days. On July 9, RNC Research reported that President Biden has spent 39.2 percent of his time in office on vacation, totaling 353 days. Hunter Biden accompanied him to Camp David for two weekends in June, just shortly after he was federally indicted and explosive whistleblower claims were made public about the Department of Justice’s alleged interference in the Hunter Biden investigation.

One whistleblower’s testimony included a controversial text message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese businessman where he claimed to be sitting with his father, awaiting the businessman to follow through with his commitment, sparking backlash as President Biden has repeatedly claimed that he was not involved in his son’s business dealings.

While much will be discussed at the NATO summit, Ukraine’s membership in the alliance has already been discarded for now. During a CNN interview on July 9, the president voiced his opposition to Ukraine joining NATO, citing the current war and the country’s unstable democracy. Ukrainian President Zelesnky is disappointed with NATO’s decision, claiming that it will give Russia “motivation to continue its terror.” Many lawmakers believe that allowing Ukraine to join NATO will lead to World War III, although Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham certainly is not one of them.

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