Republicans Seek Answers From DHS Secretary Mayorkas

House Republicans Seek Better Answers From DHS Secretary Mayorkas

( – The controversial parole program that allows migrants to enter the United States is at the center of several questions that 22 House Republicans are demanding to be answered by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The parole program also features an alternative to the traditional form of detention, with migrants being fitted with ankle bracelets or phone tracking devices. A Florida judge ordered a block on this policy, stating that the Biden administration effectively turned the Southwest Border into a “meaningless line in the sand,” and labeling their policies as a “speedbump.”

After two chaotic hearings with Secretary Mayorkas in the House and the Senate, many Republicans are demanding his resignation, but in the meantime, they are looking for answers that he refused to give during the hearings, such as the number of people who have been allowed to enter the country through the parole program since President Biden took office. During the hearing, Secretary Mayorkas mentioned work authorizations that were given to many of the migrants on parole in the country, which has prompted House members to demand specific numbers from DHS.

They also questioned his authority to allow over 30,000 migrants from certain nations to enter the country by air every month, with Mayorkas claiming during the hearing that this policy has been causing congestion at the southern border. They believe that Secretary Mayorkas is using powers he does not have to allow more illegal migrants to enter the country while claiming victory to the media about a reduction in the number of illegal crossings. Lawmakers are also scrutinizing the decision to reduce the number of available beds in ICE detention centers, making it impossible to meet demands at the border.

Twenty states have also sued the Biden administration over the parole program, claiming that it violates immigration law. House Republicans are giving Secretary Mayorkas until May 5th, 2023, to respond to their questions, which can be seen here.

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