Zelenskyy Mocked on Social Media Over Vogue Photoshoot

Zelenskyy Mocked on Social Media Over Vogue Photoshoot

Ukrainian President Zelensky Is Being ROASTED On The Internet

(LibertySociety.com) – Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife, First Lady Olena Zelenska, posed for Vogue and were promptly mocked on Twitter by many. As Russia continues to barrel down on the nation and Ukraine accepts money and supplies to defend the country, its leader took the time to do a photo shoot, and many wonder why the United States is funding such an extravagant, unnecessary event.

While Zelenskyy’s wife was the focal point of the fashion magazine, appearing on the cover under the title “Portrait of Bravery,” Vogue also showcased the couple in its pages, outlining a day in the life of Ukraine’s leading family. During the interview, the leader made light of America’s struggles with gas prices and inflation partially resulting from the conflict overseas, saying that’s nothing compared to war.

Many on social media took the photos and made memes to share, poking fun at Zelenskyy. One depicted President Joe Biden behind the couple, sniffing the Ukrainian commander’s ear.

Another user zoomed out on the photo of the pair, revealing stacks of cash on an elongated table in front of them, saying the picture was showing the real truth.

Overall, it seemed people were unhappy with the display. Some wondered if US tax dollars were funding the shoot, while others demanded America not send the country another dime.

Do you think it was appropriate for the leader to pose for a spread while Ukraine is in the throes of conflict?

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