YouTube Removed Trump Podcast With Viral Prank Group NELK

YouTube Removed Trump Podcast With Viral Prank Group NELK

( – YouTube recently removed a Full Send Podcast episode recorded at Mar-a-Lago featuring former President Donald Trump. The interviewers, a prank group, called NELK, reported they received a message from the video platform explaining its decision.

The Big Tech company claimed the show violated YouTube’s guidelines because the former leader dared to mention his views about the validity of the 2020 general election. As a result, it removed the content for allegedly violating the platform’s “misinformation policy.”

Not surprisingly, Trump predicted YouTube would remove the piece while speaking during the interview, and the company did just that.

The previous US leader responded to the ban by inquiring what happened to the First Amendment in America. He stated the interview brought in record numbers for the day it was live and claimed Big Tech and the media “fear the truth.”

Trump went on to talk about the problems plaguing the US, stating the country is only getting worse. In fact, he said America is “going to hell,” calling for the viewers not to let it happen.

Do you agree with YouTube’s censorship, or do you think the citizens of America should still have the right to free speech on social media?

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